Chris Jahnle

Experienced Web Developer and Digital Consultant with over 15 years of expertise in web development, ecommerce, and digital marketing.

WEB Developer & consultant

Selected Portfolio

A Few Notable Projects

Golf Wang

Web Development

Developed and maintained, overseeing all technical aspects of online merchandise launches and presentation.


Handled all technical ecommerce and D2C responsibilities, notably duri Flower Boy (#2) and IGOR (#1) album campaigns.


Measured audience engagement and conversion rates and optimized website accordingly.

Brokers Are Better

Web Development

Developed, built and launched a geotargeted broker directory database on WordPress.

API Integration

Integrated Google Maps and Salesforce APIs to achieve unique site requirements.


Integrated Google Maps and Salesforce APIs to achieve unique site requirements and automate processes for data synchronization.

Yes Paper Studio

Web Development

Developed, built and launched a WooCommerce site for a wallpaper company.

API Integration

Created a custom wallpaper roll price calculator.

Custom Development

Developed a way to alternate the website’s background.

All Gas No Brakes

Data-Driven Analysis

Analyzed Shopify storefront and audience behavior using Google Analytics, Mailchimp and Shopify analytics.

Ecommerce Optimization

Recommended and implemented frontend website improvements, a new D2C plan and online product launch strategy.


Doubled sales and returning customer rate over 3 product drops. Increased site conversion rate for new customers by 50%.


Web Development

15 years of experience using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, XML, AJAX, CSS3, JS and jQuery.


WordPress expert specializing in custom theme, plugin and CMS development.


Extensive knowledge of platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Responsive Design

Experienced in creating responsive designs that adapt seamlessly across devices.


Proficient in using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to analyze website performance.

Servers and DNS

Well-versed in DNS and server management with experience on AWS and WPEngine.

D2C & Audience Analysis

Experienced in audience analysis and reporting to enhance user experience and increase sales.

Email Marketing

Experienced in email marketing using Mailchimp and Klaviyo to drive conversions.